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Deck : assault smg

Two Is One And One Is None
Bomb Squad
Double Grenade Pouch
Offensive Scavenger
Admin Reload
Guns out
Ridden Slayer
Reckless strategy
Tactical Vest
Large Caliber Rounds
Demolitions Expert
Ammo Mule
Grenade Training
Combat Training
Ammo Scavenger

Back 4 Blood Deck building

While it's possible to play solo with bots, the game shines when you play as part of a team. As you'll want to diversify your roles—and weapons—as much as possible to help in different situations, these builds will work as a good starting point. The cards I've picked for these builds complement each characters' strengths, but they're not set in stone. With so many potential combinations to choose from, there's certainly room for experimentation, and you might find substituting certain cards work better with your particular playstyle or team composition.